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The Purple Pout
The Natural Look
Acne Myths
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The Purple Pout

One of the major trends that continues to resurface is the purple lip. This is a look that works on all skin tones because purple shades can be warm or cool, dark or light.

When wearing purple lipstick you must keep in mind to balance your overall look. For example, with bold purple, the eyes can be neutral thus allowing the lips to get all the attention. Deep purple hues can be paired with a smoky eye combo for a dramatic night look.

If you are not a bold individual or you just want to lightly step into the purple trend you can get a gloss to give you a tint and sexy shine without too much color coverage.

The Natural Look

Are you drawn to natural looking make-up? A great way to achieve that barely there look from head to toe is by using a minimalist makeup technique. Your face will look nude, yet naturally radiant. Minimalism is about camouflaging your imperfections while allowing your God-given beauty shine, giving you a fresh-faced, flawless look.
The eyebrows in this look are soft, not heavily penciled or high arched. Simply trim the sparse or unruly hairs and comb into place.

For naturally luminous looking skin, start with the correct shade of foundation.

Acne Myths

MYTH 1: Food causes acne.
There is no irrefutable evidence that chocolate, pizza or, fried foods will cause acne. But fatty foods can stimulate hormones, causing breakouts for some. There is still testing being done on dairy products, due to high hormone levels and calcium content and foods high in iodine like seafood.

MYTH 2: Makeup Causes Acne.
It does when you don’t cleanse your skin thoroughly. Look for make-up products that are nonacnegenic or noncomedogenic.

MYTH 3: You Will “Grow Out Of” Acne.

New Available Hair Texture: Nature Body Wave

Natural body wave texture

A natural body wave texture is an ideal choice for the girl that likes versatility and having the option to wear their hair wavy or straight.  With soft and subtle waves, it is the perfect summer hair. You can wear it with a soft wave by letting it air dry or you could use a curling wand or flexi-rod set to create more of a curled pattern. It’s perfect for the lazy days of summer when you would like less maintenance. 

Tips for caring for Natural Body Wave