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One of the more personal services I offer is makeup lessons. If you live in Southern New Jersey/Philadelphia Metro area and feel clueless about how to do your makeup, I will explain the basics to you. We will also look at what you currently have and I'll give you my honest opinion and recommendations.

Makeup 101: Beauty Basics Boot Camp
Experience a one-on-one in depth makeup lesson! I will organize your makeup bag to help you to work with what you have, and make suggestions for products you can’t live without! I’ll teach you how to do your own makeup in a way that fits your personality and style. We will discuss what colors will bring out your own natural coloring & why they work best for you. You will learn by doing. Step by step "every day" makeup application using the makeup you have. I will do one side of the face & you will apply the makeup to the other side. After your "everyday" look is complete, I will teach you how to take the makeover into an "evening or special occasion look." I'll teach you the basics of how to apply eye shadow, liner, lashes, foundation, and more! Proper Use of Tools, Foundation Application, Corrective Concealing Techniques, Facial Contouring, Color Selection, Correct Sequence of Application, Makeup Application based on Skin Type, Brow Sculpting, Bronzer and Blush Applications. Class also comes with one complimentary makeup bag and a makeup product from the “beauty bin” of your choice! Clients should bring their own makeup collections, but products and brushes are also available for purchase. $125 for one hour $25 each additional half hour
Price: $125.00
A Night Look: the Quicky
This class takes a look at a nighttime look. We will go over a simple smoky eye look and false eyelash application. We will use the previous techniques of perfecting the skin and Highlighting and Contouring to complete the look. $75 includes instruction, hands-on application,false eyelashes, eye shadow, eyeliner
Price: $75.00
The Perfect Brow
Experiment to find the best brow shape for your face, learn what to do with too much or too little hair, shape and correct brow shape with makeup, and lighten or darken the brows. Then instructions on a simple soft summer eye shadow look. $65 includes instruction, hands-on application and Brow Kit
Price: $70.00
The Everyday/Work Face
This class we will use your own makeup bag to create a flawless quick everyday face. $60 includes makeup bag review, hands-on application, and review of products needed, cosmetic gift bag.
Price: $60.00
extra half hour
for each additional half hour
Price: $25.00
Learn with Friends
Makeover Party Get a group of your best girlfriends together and let's have some fun!! We will learn how to do a celebrity look! Availability depends on how large your group is. There's only one of me! I tailor this option to what you like and want to learn or just have fun with. Pricing depends on theme and number of people. Contact me for details! *Travel and set up fee may be extra The charge is the deposit to hold the date.
Price: $125.00
Creating Perfect Skin
Creating Perfect Skin- This class takes a detailed look at skin care, primers, foundation, concealer and powder We will also review the techniques and products used for correcting imperfections such as blemishes, discoloration and under-eye darkness. This demonstration focuses on perfecting the skin and does not include color application. Includes instruction, hands-on application, foundation, concealer, powder, skincare products and cosmetic bag
Price: $175.00
Highlighting and Contouring/Bronzing
In this class we will learn to use contouring to create definition to your face and highlight your best features. $150 includes instruction, hands-on application, contouring/ highlighting products, bronzer
Price: $160.00